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game performance: explicit uniform

Officers and enlisted personnel are permitted to have civilian clothing in their possession at naval activities ashore when authorized by the prescribing authority. Personnel aboard ship may have civilian clothing when authorized by the commanding officer. Such clothing may be authorized for wear while leaving or returning to ships or stations, while awaiting transportation after permission to leave the ship has been given, while on authorized leave of absence, liberty, or in any off-duty status ashore.

Commands are authorized to suspend the wear of civilian clothing for individuals who fail to wear civilian clothing as outlined in this section. Civilian clothes privilege may also be suspended for those whose appearance may bring discredit upon the Navy, or who fail to maintain adequate uniforms or seabag requirements properly. Regional commanders and the senior officers present may suspend the privilege of wearing civilian clothing to meet local conditions.

Naval personnel shall ensure that their dress and personal appearance are appropriate for the occasion and will not discredit the Navy. Current styles and fashions which are conservative and in good taste are authorized. Tank-top shirts, cut-off shorts, and shower sandals are not acceptable within the confines of a military installation.

Wearing or displaying clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc. Not authorized while in uniform. No articles, other than earrings one earring per earlobe for women, shall be attached to or through the ear, nose, or any other body part.

Failure to comply with established acceptable tattoo criteria as stated, is a violation of uniform policy and subject to disciplinary action to include involuntary separation.

Intentional mutilation of any part of the body is prohibited. Mutilation, is defined as the intentional radical alteration of the body, head, face, or skin for the purpose of and or resulting in an abnormal appearance. Examples of mutilation include, but are not limited to:. The use of gold, platinum, or other veneers or caps for purposes of dental ornamentation is prohibited. For purposes of this regulation, ornamentation is defined as decorative veneers or caps.

Teeth, whether natural, capped, or veneered, will not be ornamented with designs, jewels, initials, etc. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. This page location is:. Sign In. Michael J.Army Football honors the 10th Mountain Division today with all white uniforms. KIA in Italy, Feb. Climb to Glory. The two teams will face off in their annual game this Saturday, December 9th at pm.

Soldiers in this division trained at 9, feet to learn to fight, and survive, in the most brutal mountain conditions. By Kyle Rooney. Army, Navy uniforms unveiled. Product Performance Details, per Nike: Reduced Weight: Constructed from hydrophobic yarns that minimizes weight both when the uniform is dry as well as wet Increased Durability: Fewer cut-and-sew seams and a sturdier stretch woven fabric used in areas of high impact and abrasion lead to an overall stronger uniform Greater Range of Motion: A lightweight four-way stretch-woven fabric is used in areas of low impact that require greater mobility Better Ventilation: Micro perforations have been laser cut into the uniform to manage heat Navy's uniforms are inspired by the Blue Angels, which you can check out below.

Sports News Army nike Navy. Sign in with. Thanks for sharing! Short Code. This site uses cookies.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I would like to leave OpenGL's lights and make my own. I would like my shaders to allow for a variable number of lights.

Can we declare an array of uniforms in GLSL shaders? If so, how would we set the values of those uniforms? Yes it is possible to declare an array of uniforms in GLSL shaders. Just google "glsl uniform array" for some examples edit: or see datenwolf's example. There are however limitations on how many uniforms can be sent to different graphics cards at least on older ones, I'm not sure about current ones although I imagine there still would be. If you do decide to go down the route of uniforms, i would suggest using uniform buffers.

If you have large numbers of lights and parameters, you could also send the data as float buffers. Learn more. Ask Question.

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Nike Unveils Special Edition Uniforms For Army vs Navy Game

Anyone who wants a variable number of lights, just make arrays with decent capacities, and keep a count of how many lights are currently active. GLSL does not allow variable-sized arrays all array sizes must be constant, hard-coded values.

Active Oldest Votes. Yes this is possible. You declare uniform arrays similar to how you'd do it in C, e. Does that mean I can only set the values of an array up to four members? One would think that the 2nd parameter of glUniform1fv is just a formality and that it should be used always as a 1.

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So technically you could set a uniform vec4 using glUniform1fv uniformId, 4, v ; where v is an array of 4 floats. The spec is very clear: the size and type must match the uniform's size and type except for bools which use i and opaques which use 1i.

If you say 1fthen the uniform must be 1 float. This should not be confused with the 2nd count parameter that the function takes which is the array size. So to upload to uniform vec2 vecs[5];it'd be glUniform2fv loc, 5, data.

Uniform buffer objects are only available since GL version 3. Googling "glsl uniform array" now returns this page as the first result!! What do we do now? Get it? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

game performance: explicit uniform

The Overflow Blog.Larrabee is the codename for a cancelled GPGPU chip that Intel was developing separately from its current line of integrated graphics accelerators. The chip was to be released in as the core of a consumer 3D graphics card, but these plans were cancelled due to delays and disappointing early performance figures. On December 4,Intel officially announced that the first-generation Larrabee would not be released as a consumer GPU product. The official reason for the strategic reset was attributed to delays in hardware and software development.

The project to produce a GPU retail product directly from the Larrabee research project was terminated in May For example, it might have performed ray tracing or physics processing[8] in real time for games or offline for scientific research as a component of a supercomputer.

Larrabee's early presentation drew some criticism from GPU competitors. He pointed out this was early silicon, thereby leaving open the question on eventual performance for the architecture. Because this was only one fifth that of available competing graphics boards, Larrabee was cancelled "as a standalone discrete graphics product" on December 4, Larrabee was intended to differ from older discrete GPUs such as the GeForce Series and the Radeon series in three major ways:.

This had been expected to make Larrabee more flexible than current GPUs, allowing more differentiation in appearance between games or other 3D applications. Intel's SIGGRAPH paper mentioned several rendering features that were difficult to achieve on current GPUs: render target read, order-independent transparencyirregular shadow mappingand real-time raytracing.

Theoretically Larrabee's x86 processor cores would have been able to run existing PC software, or even operating systems. A different version of the processor might sit in motherboard CPU sockets using QuickPath[15] but Intel never announced any plans for this. One tech journalism site claims that Larrabee's graphics capabilities were planned to be integrated in CPUs based on the Haswell microarchitecture.

game performance: explicit uniform

Larrabee's philosophy of using many small, simple cores was similar to the ideas behind the Cell processor. There are some further commonalities, such as the use of a high-bandwidth ring bus to communicate between cores.

Being integrated onto motherboards newer versions, such as those released with Sandy Bridge, are incorporated onto the same die as the CPU these chips were not sold separately.

In contrast, Larrabee was to be sold as a discrete GPU, separate from motherboards, and was expected to perform well enough for consideration in the next generation of video game consoles.

The hardware was designed by a newly formed team at Intel's Hillsboro, Oregonsite, separate from those that designed the Nehalem. The software and drivers were written by a newly formed team. The Intel Visual Computing Institute will research basic and applied technologies that could be applied to Larrabee-based products.

Roughly 25 cores are required for Gears of War with no antialiasing, 25 cores for F. Another graph shows that performance on these games scales nearly linearly with the number of cores up to 32 cores. A June PC Watch article suggested that the first Larrabee chips would feature 32 x86 processor cores and come out in latefabricated on a 45 nanometer process.

Chips with a few defective cores due to yield issues would be sold as a core version. Later inLarrabee would be shrunk for a 32 nanometer fabrication process to enable a core version. The scene contained a ray traced water surface that reflected the surrounding objects, like a ship and several flying vehicles, accurately.

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An engineering sample of a Larrabee card was procured and reviewed by Linus Sebastian in a video published May 14, He was unable to make the card give video output however, with the motherboard displaying POST code D6.Sporting events are intense, competitive affairs that offer sparse moments of humor while they are played, which is why nothing is as funny during a game as a wardrobe malfunction.

It doesn't matter what the malfunction might be—misspellings, pants dropping, jerseys tearing—it is wildly entertaining, mostly because it is wildly unexpected. And so, in honor of some of the most dishonorable uniform gaffes in sports, we present the 25 worst wardrobe malfunctions in sports. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. And if you are Eugenio Velez, make sure they spelled San Francisco correctly on your jersey. Joe Carter wore his "Torotno" jersey for six innings during a game against the Rangers.

In news I am making up, the headline the next day in the local paper read, "What was Joe Carter's wardrobe malfunction all aboot? After ripping his suitBerens ended up qualifying for the final of the world swimming championships in Rome.

In January of this year, Mustafa Shakur was called up from the D-League to the Wizards, though his debut was unexpected, to say the least. From Ball Don't Lie :. His number, and last name, were stitched on at the last second by a Wizards employee. And while the stitching held up, it was clear the Wizards employee didn't exactly hold up the number placement to any sort of scrutiny, because the number "22" was a little down, and to the left.

And with plenty of spacing between the two "2"s. Honestly, it looks like this was stitched by a man who had just drank his sixth Red Bull of the evening.

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Photo from Total Pro Sports. I mean, that would explain why she would maneuver her suit in such a manner during a televised event, right? I'm not sure what is more disturbing—Artest pulling Paul Pierce 's shorts down in the middle of an NBA game, or his song of apology at the end of the video.

Kelly is looking like a fool with his pants on the ground. Thankfully, after ogling over Venus for a few hours, they decided to add some upbeat music and a few instant replays for your YouTube enjoyment. The American Ryder Cup team was met with a few raised eyebrows when it debuted these "flashy" raincoats during the tournament. But not only were the raincoats flashy, they didn't even keep the players dry. The story goes that Corey Pavin's wife Lisa insisted the names of the players be embroidered on the back of the coats, which of course involved poking a number of tiny holes into the jackets.

The apology from Majestic Athletic after this incident in What was really tragic for Zoccari was that she was disqualified from her finals race in the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy, for this wardrobe rip, which is just ridiculous—she was only trying to add a bit of Flavia to the event. Between Rubleva trying to maintain her routine while keeping her dress from falling and exposing her breast she broke a strapto Ivan Shefer's ridiculous mullet, the video is chock-full of fun.

This is what happens when you miss your read and don't make the pitch on the option play, kids. As you might recall, the backlash from Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's halftime performance at the Super Bowl was massive ridiculous. To refresh your memory, Timberlake yanked on Jackson's shirt, briefly exposing it was on the screen for half a second Jackson's breast, which was adorned with a star nipple shield.

Some involved cited it as a wardrobe malfunction:. Jackson spokesman Stephen Huvane said the incident "was a malfunction of the wardrobe; it was not intentional He was supposed to pull away the bustier and leave the red-lace bra.Protect yourself and your family. Per Sq. Close search. Pause slideshow Play slideshow. Handcrafted in the USA Since Athleisure Shop Men Women Youth. Add to cart. Washie Hand Sanitizer Spray 3. Sanitizer solution made in USA.

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Color Random. Best Sellers.If the laws of a country prohibit wearing foreign uniforms, wear civilian clothing. Prescribing authorities are responsible for setting civilian clothes guidelines appropriate for foreign countries. Prescribing authorities within the continental United States may authorize inspectors of Navy Material Commands SYSCOMs and other personnel in special billets whose offices are separate from other naval activities and whose duties require them to associate principally with civilians, to wear civilian clothes while performing assigned duties.

Personnel under instruction at civilian educational institutions and in civilian industrial establishments may wear civilian clothes at all times. Medical and dental officers assigned to duty with veterans administration wear civilian clothes while performing such duty. Medical officers serving as interns at civilian hospitals wear civilian clothes.

Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (Official Video)

Military personnel may wear military uniform articles with civilian clothing when the item cannot be identified as a Navy uniform component. Navy uniform articles worn with civilian clothing will not include military accoutrements that identify affiliation with the Navy, including but not limited to nametags, rank insignia, buttons or other military insignia.

For command ball cap restrictions, see article Normally, wearing civilian ceremonial regalia when in uniform is improper. Naval personnel may wear academic regalia with the naval uniform on occasions of academic ceremony.

This authorization does not apply at U. Naval Academy graduation exercises and is limited to carrying of the appropriate academic hood over the left forearm by personnel who have been awarded degrees above the Bachelor of Arts or Science level.

Those who wear a uniform will observe regional travel requirements. Navy personnel must ensure that their dress or personal appearance is appropriate for the occasion and conforms to required standards. Members wearing civilian clothing will ensure it is warm enough for in flight operations and destination.

Personnel traveling overseas should consult the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide for any particular uniform or civilian clothing requirements for their destination. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

The 25 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions in Sports

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